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Darius Gilbert


Phone: 703-209-8696
alexandria, VA
United States
10 out of 10 (30 reviews)
 Darius Gilbert is the owner of Dynamic Sport Performance, a performance training company located in Alexandria, Virginia. He is known throughout the US for his extensive background in kettlebell training and his kettlebell programs for athletes. Darius went to Episcopal High School where he earned eleven letters, leaving the school as the all time scoring leader in both basketball and football. In 1991 he was named 1st Team All – Met Quarterback, earning a full scholarship to play football at the University of Virginia.

Darius earned his RKC in 2008 and his gone on to train over 20 RKC instructors. He has hosted two of the largest-ever HKC events and most recently assisted at the Vienna RKC.

Darius got his start in sports performance after training with elite speed coach Tom Shaw in New Orleans, Louisiana. He has used the kettlebell for rehabilitation of hundreds of athletes and to train dozens of sport teams in the Northern Virginia area.
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10/10 Sage advice and power moves
By Tania Dautlick / Durham, USA

A week after taking the RKC1 Kettlebell course with Darius, I'm still digesting everything he taught us. He taught with great enthusiasm, humor, compassion and lots of inspiring stories. When it came down to technique instruction, he was succinct, memorable, effective. I learned to add power and speed to my KB movements and to teach those to others. One thing I will always remember he said about all the coaches out there, "don't show me what YOU can do, show me your WORK" ("Work" being what can you teach your clients to do!) So many thanks to Darius Gilbert and Dragon Door for making this experience possible! I wish I could train with Darius every week.

10/10 Amazing RKC experience!
By Anna Szymanski / Asheville, USA

JUST finished the RKC cert with Darius literally about 2 hours ago and had to come write a review... he is THAT AWESOME, y'all. I have been fascinated with kettlebells for about 5 years and have had the RKC on my 'fitness knowledge bucket list' for about that long, so when the stars finally aligned for me to do it, it was a fulfillment of a long-term goal for me. This one in VA was the closest one to me, but let me tell you that working with Darius was worth the 7+ hour drive. He is incredibly engaging, knowledgeable, upbeat, personable, and has an infectious enthusiasm for his craft. You can't help but feel energized and super motivated with his guidance. I learned so many good nuances and tips with the kettlebell exercises. If I get the chance to do any more seminars or workshops with him, you better believe I'll gladly make the drive again! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

10/10 Motivating
By Mike Rush / Broomall, PA

I had the pleasure of being on Team Jones at the Philly RKC where Darius was an assistant instructor. His knowledge is outstanding and he is motivating even during the harder hours of the certification. Look up Darius if you want to learn from a top notch instructor and have fun while doing it as well. Thanks Darius!

10/10 No more dumbells , no more barbells!
By Clifford E. Beck (Cliff) / Woodbridge, Va

I had been interested in kettlebells for some time. I did my research and ended up emailing Darius. He got back in touch with me. We set up for a one on one class, and let me tell you. I WAS HOOKED! Not only was the workout great, but as a instructor, Darius is excellent. His passion and joy in being a kettlebell instructor shows through and through,and after watching him with other students, his commentment and devotion to the students as well as the sport of lifting kettlebells is evident as well.

I've been lifting weights most of my adult life. I had a set of Powerblocks at home. I sold them. No need for them anymore. Now that I'm swinging kettlebells under Darius's tutalage I honestly have no need to lift another dumbell or work with barbells ever again. A arragant statement? I don't think so. Doing a thing well works only if you are TAUGHT, if you are INSTRUCTED to do that thing well, even starting out. Darius as a teacher makes swinging the bells fun as well as making you WANT to swing them using proper form and technique.

You will not find a better RKC certified instructor anywhere.

10/10 Kettlebell Instruction with Passion
By Julie Coder / Alexandria, VA

Darius was my personal trainer for about a year and a half, and it was within this time when he introduced me to the "new" exercise tool. Darius' passion for kettlebells is very apparent! His motivation and desire to see others succeed in "mastering" the use of kettlebells is such that he was the one who encouraged me (and Karen Smith, RKC) to achieve my RKC! I am so thankful for his push to get me to go to Minnesota, in that this personal challenge was one of the most memorable and rewarding challenges I've faced. Currently, Darius is working with me as I strive to succeed in achieving my Level II certification in June! Thanks D....proud to be part of your team!

10/10 Family Affair
By Brittany Patterson / Alexandria, VA

Darius has been training my entire family for over 6 months. We all look forward to visiting him (a first for any of us!) His personality is dynamite! he works with each of our needs, questions, and demands. I personally have never enjoyed exercising before and now i look forward to visiting him. He takes the moves and breaks them into motions the un-athletic type can understand. Of the probably dozen or so trainers my family has worked with- Darius is the one we fight over. Only 4 Stars!!!!

By Nick / Alexandria, VA

AN INSTRUCTOR EXTRAORDINARE!!! BEST OF THE BEST!!! I've been training with Darius on and off for about 4 year. I've transitioned with him from the free weights to the KETTLEBELLS. He's an awesome trainer, not only with me but with all his client. His energy is so contagious. His encouragement, enthusiasm, and knowledge, gives you the motivation to give it all you got. His work out sessions are ALWAYS fun, informative, and ever changing - never losing focus on technique or safety. Darius has the ability to break down a complex moves and present them in a simple easy way to understand and perform. Darius has great patience while demanding effort and detail! Darius demonstrates a true passion for teaching and gets my highest recommendation!!

10/10 Best Workout You Can Find
By Heather Olson / Alexandria,Va

Working out with Darius is a great experience! He makes the work fun, and exciting every time I come in. He first introduced me to kettle bells a little over a year ago, and now that is the only weight lifting that I do. I get so much out of every work out! I have gained strength and speed, and really stepped my game up. He not only teaches how to work out, he teaches how to live and be healthy. He's a great instructor and I would recommend him to anyone who really wants to GET IN SHAPE!

10/10 The Right Way to Work
By Darrick Deal / Washington, DC

Anyone looking to gain some muscle or lose a few pounds should pay this man a visit. He gives good instructions so that you can maximize your results, also he's a good motivater.

10/10 My kind of class!
By Starr Stevenson / Ft Washington, MD

Darius is excellent! He is professional, attentive and motivating. In a full class I feel like I recieve 1:1 training, and everyone else in the class could say the same thing. I get a bit obsessive when it comes to doing things right. Darius answers all of my questions and makes me feel confident in what I am doing. He sets an upbeat and energetic tone. Even though my face contorts, and I'm sounding like a cave woman I enjoy every minute. I have only been able to attend class once a week, yet I definately have an increased amount of energy. I look better too and the only thing I've done differently is the kettlebells.

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Dragon Door Interviews RKC Team Leader, Darius Gilbert

Being an athlete I know when something feels right, and kettlebell training felt great. I still feel just as strong, explosive, and capable of doing many of the same things I did when I played football at the University of Virginia. I know I’m training the right way because at age 40 I can still keep up with the 18 year old kids we train, and still dunk a basketball.

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