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IsoMax and Components
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IsoMax and Components
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IsoMax Isometrics Training Device

Announcing the IsoMax — the World’s First Lightweight, Fully-Functional, Digital Isometric Barbell! Helps You Get Stronger Faster With Less Risk of Injury.

A fully-stocked home gymnasium with barbells and plates ranging from 1lbs to 1000lbs is every serious athlete’s dream — but the cost and space are a major problem for most of us. Introducing the solution: the IsoMax.


With the ISOMAX you can perform practically every exercise you can do with a barbell—bench press, squats, rows, deadlifts, curls, etc.— but isometrically.

Isometrics is a static form of training. Olympic lifters, bodybuilders and martial arts have understood for many years that isometrics is a superior form of resistance exercise. With isometrics, you can:

  • Increase absolute strength much faster than with regular forms of exercise
  • Build muscle as fast (or faster) than with conventional resistance training
  • Develop greater speed and explosiveness
  • Lose more body fat
  • Recover from intense training faster than Wolverine
  • Complete an intense workout in just ten minutes or less
  • Increase cardiovascular fitness and normalize blood pressure
  • Ease pain and actually heal old joint injuries — while using more weight than ever!
IsoMax Isometrics Training Device - $499.00
One-Year, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Read Our Simple 100% No Excuses Money Back Guarantee

How sure are we that IsoMax Isometrics Training Device will work for you? Simply fill out the form below and put IsoMax Isometrics Training Device to work for you right now.

If you are not 100% absolutely thrilled with your purchase, Dragon Door Publications will refund of your entire purchase price for up to a FULL YEAR.

That's how sure we are!

Obviously, we would go out of business if IsoMax Isometrics Training Device didn't work, the way we said, right?

With the promise of a full refund if you're unsatisfied, you have nothing to lose by trying IsoMax Isometrics Training Device. Go ahead and try it today.


How the IsoMax changes the game when training for greater strength with isometrics

IsoMax CloseUpThe only drawback in the past with isometrics was that it was impossible to accurately measure your performance and try to beat it. The patent-pending technology in the IsoMax has changed the game and solved this issue definitively.

Thanks to the easy-to-use digital console and adjustable speaker, the Isomax lets you measure the forces you use in your training with pinpoint digital accuracy — from 5 lbs up to 999.5 lbs. It also calculates your average force over time, as well as your maximum force. If you want, the IsoMax will help you during a training session by timing you (you choose your hold times) and telling you audibly if you are hitting your target forces. It can even tell you how far you are into your set, and when the exercise is over.

…It’s almost impossible not to have the perfect workout!

The IsoMax: an all-in-one hi-tech isometric gym

IsoMax components

IsoMax QuickAdjustStrap 600pxThe digital handle:

Strengthened steel core with a tough rubberized coating for max grip, the backlit LCD console displays all your training data (kg or lbs): it also boasts improved components including adjustable speaker, CPU memory, and high-quality safety-protected rechargeable battery for convenience and longevity.

The baseplate:

Our super-tough heavy duty polymer baseplate is lightweight, scratch-resistant, slip-proof, and features soft-touch feet to protect even the most delicate flooring. It has been ergonomically designed for maximum stability and power output, and is also compatible with all makes of resistance bands.

Quick-adjust numbered strap:

IsoMax Exercises Band Squat 600x600Despite its enormous tensile strength, the polyamide fiber strap is incredibly light, and possesses just the right amount of elasticity to remove the need for a heavy spring. Numbered pockets in the strap, plus the sleek, spring-loaded alloy snap hooks, makes changing strap length between drills a breeze.

High-quality resistance band:

Studies show that dynamic warm-ups work amazingly well to prepare the muscles and joints for heavy isos. Using the band in conjunction with the baseplate, you can have any muscle group warm and primed for isometrics in under a minute. There are over seventy exercises to choose from.

Bonus: Quick-Start Guide

Eager to get started on the road to strength? We’ve also included a Quick-Start Guide explaining how to use all the console features — plus some simple, super-productive workouts to get you going.

Get Maximum Strength Gains in Minimum Time When Training With The IsoMax!

The IsoMax is the ultimate next-gen all-in-one gym. Virtually anything you can do with a barbell you can do with an IsoMaxand more. The Ultimate Isometrics Manual lists nearly 50 basic exercises, and since these can be done at various angles depending on where you set the strap, you have literally hundreds of variations for your training. Here are just a few examples:

Bench Press
IsoMax Exercises Front Squat
Isomax parallel squat 600x600
DeadliftIsomax Mid Deadlift
CurlsIsoMax Exercises Seated Curls 600x600
PressIsomax Overhead Press 600
RowIsoMax Exercises BentOver Row 600x600
Triceps workIsomax Triceps 600
ShrugIsomax Shrugs 600
Calf RaiseIsomax calf raises 600

An added bonus: science has proven that not only are you stronger while performing isometrics, you are also safer. This is because the force levels you express in your training aren’t dictated by an external weight, but are autoregulated by your own nervous system.

...IsoMax training is win-win!

IsoMax Seated Row

100% Risk-Free!

Your investment is protected: The IsoMax comes with a 100%, unconditional money back guarantee, for one full year from receipt of the product. We will replace defective parts at no charge or give you a full refund if you are in any way dissatisfied.

Read Reviews For: IsoMax Isometrics Training Device
9.94 out of 10 (17 reviews)
Rated 10/10 The Best in Measurable Isometrics
By Chrystopher Johnson / Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, US

As a practitioner of the Isochain for the last 2 years, to say I've been impressed is an understatement. The Isochain has forever changed my outlook on fitness training. My knees are the best they've ever felt and my chronic tennis elbow hasn't flared up since 2020 when I started using the chain. Fast forward 2.5 years and the developers/researchers in DD'S R&D department drop the IsoMax, the successor to the Isochain.
Quieter, more portable, easy to select numbered straps, rechargeable battery and more access to different exercises (chest press!) and we have one for the history books. This device is a must buy for anyone who is looking to develop not only functional strength, but with the right routine, peerless strength (think Alexander Zass and Bruce Lee who were both huge proponents of Overcoming Isometric training).
There have been products I've spent a couple hundred on in the past and have sorely regretted my decision. The Isochain and Isomax are not one of them! Highly recommend!

Rated 10/10 Game changer
By Josh Belser / Syracuse, New York, United States

I began using the Isochain as my sole form of training last year. In my mid 40s I've put on muscle, gotten stronger and reduced my blood pressure. The Isomax is an upgraded version and because I can move through the exercises faster with the strap. It also taxes my cardiovascular system like a HIIT session. This system is revolutionary especially for those of us on the wrong side of 40 who still want to train without pain and injury. DragonDoor has outdone themselves with this product and I would recommend it to anybody without hesitation.

Rated 10/10 The Best Home Gym Purchase
By Marty Sweeney / Youngstown, Ohio, USA

I have a relatively lean but still robust home gym. And I've tried just about every modality and program in the last twenty years of lifting. Nothing really compares to using isometrics with the IsoMax.

I know exactly what I'm trying to do each time I approach a workout and I know how it went each time I finished. There is nothing quite like quantifiable isometrics for basic strength and body composition work.

Other members of my family - mainly my wife and daughters - have taken to strength training because of the IsoMax.

If I had only one purchase for home workouts, I'd choose the IsoMax. Actually, if I were a member of a gym, I'd choose the IsoMax still. Can't speak highly enough of it.

Rated 10/10 Worth every penny
By Juli G / Burlington, VT, USA

I have had the Isochain for a few years and now have had the IsoMax for a few weeks. The Isochain is awesome so I was unsure I needed to upgrade to the IsoMax but Dragon Door has managed to improve an already awesome product. The adjustable strap is a HUGE upgrade over the chain, not only in the feel but in order to provide consistency from workout to workout I used duck tape to mark the chain links on the IC; now the strap is numbered and I KNOW exactly what # to use. The base plate is improved as well, it's lighter and doesn't bend even under max force. Top all of this off with a rechargeable handle and you have another winner from DD. If you are thinking about getting an IC or an IM stop thinking and get one! You won't regret either purchase but the IM is the clear winner for me.

Rated 10/10 Love my Isomax.
By Bob Lorenz / Vernon, NY, USA

Been working out since 1975. Started with a 45lb dumbbell and bodyweight calisthenics. Switched to kettlebells in 2008. Went with Convict Conditioning at the start of 2010. Added clubbells and maces a few years ago. It's all great but the Isomax has taken center stage. The combination of convenient, very effective isometric and seeing the amount of force generated on each rep is phenomenal. Dragon Door's innovations are a godsend. I'm 70 and the strongest I have ever been.

Rated 10/10 The King of Isometric Equipment
By Matt Schifferle / Denver, CO, USA

The Isomax is the ultimate king for building muscle and strength with isometric training. Everything else is merely supplemental.

Rated 10/10 Excellent product
By Fern Barrera / Los Angeles, California, United States

This will change your efficiency in terms of how you train! I love this system and if you want to tone or grow muscle this is an excellent process through which to achieve results quickly. In 10-15 minutes you will have a complete workout and be on your way to a great physique. I highly recommend this game changing system!

Rated 10/10 In a Class by Itself
By Dan Ausec / Winder, Ga, United States

I have been working out for over 30 years and experimented with isometrics on and off for the last 5 years along with dynamic strength training..I knew isometrics worked, but without any feedback, it was tough to stay motivated,
I purchased the Isochain almost a year ago and all of a sudden, isometrics make up 90% of my training nowadays...why? Because of tangible, accurate feedback built into the overload is key to strength and muscle building, but I had no idea if I was progressing or not without the digital feedback..the Isochain changed all that !
I preordered the Isomax when it was announced...I didn't need it and wondered if I was wasting money having 2 similar devices...Nope !
I actually use both..I have the Isochain set up up for certain exercises and the Isomax for others, side by side..very quick transition from one exercise to another.
Like others have mentioned , the Isomax is an improvement in some ways over the Isochain, but you can't go wrong with either.
BTW...just a shout out to the company in general. The customer service is top notch and was surprised that whenever I had a question, John Du Cane himself would answer me..What company does that? Everything about the company and the equipment is top of the line!

Rated 10/10 Great Improvement on the original
By Jason Hanna / Dallas, Texas, USA

I bought the original Isochain and absolutely loved it. The IsoMax is a major improvement. The new base makes the whole setup more portable, quieter and provides more angles to work from.

The strap is much easier to work with than the chain. The handle also feels sturdy and beefier than the original.

All in all, I love working out on this.

Rated 10/10 Worthy successor to game-changing Isochain!
By Joseph Brown / Menlo Park, CA, USA

I was an early adopter of the Isochain and pulled the trigger and ordered the Isomax almost as soon as I was notified about it. I'd dabbled in isometrics decades ago but never stuck with it, despite reading about its benefits. The lack of feedback was the problem. The Isochain changed that, the Load and Timer modes in particular make progressive resistance isometrics a practical reality.

Yet the Isomax makes some great improvements on the original, including:
* a sturdier bar with a re-chargeable battery
* a strap with numbered slots rather than the noisy chain and spring, so changing angles or switching position is much faster, so workouts are more time-efficient
* a polymer baseplate that is lighter than the Isochain metal plate and that doubles as a resistance band platform

These changes are going to make the Isochain a great tool for many more folks, including those who might not be into the old school bar and chain of the Isochain. But the core of both devices is the same, permitting people to perform isometric training and KNOW how much force they're generating and for how long and permitting people to set resistance goals just as one would with free weights. Isometric training that is genuinely progressive.

Now, a couple of tiny quibbles...the numbering of the slots is only on one side of the strap, it would be better on both. Also, the first time I used the Isomax in a not-so-well lit room, I noticed the lwhite ettering on the bar is hard to see (that was less of a problem with the black lettering on white background of the Isochain bar). This isn't a big problem, I have the different buttons memorized, but subsequent models should use brighter white ink. Honestly, very minor complaints on a stellar product.

Online I've seen some folks question the price of the Isomax & Isochain. Everyone has to make their own decision with respect to something like that. For my part, realizing the great benefits of isometric training, I think it's worth it--to get the kind of feedback that lets you make that training a part of a progressive regimen & to have a clear idea of just how much force you're generating for a given exercise at a given angle.It's money well spent.

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