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PCC Online Recertification

Progressive Calisthenics Online Recertification

PCC Online Recertification
January 1, 2027

PCC Online Recertification

Workshop Code # PCCRVS
Register on-line or call 1-651-487-2180 for credit card orders.

Application Process for Recertifying Your PCC By Online Video Submission

Current PCCs have the option of recertifying online via video submission, as an alternative to attending a 2-Day PCC certification workshop. On successful completion and approval of the online video application, candidates will be awarded PCC Instructor privileges and responsibilities for an additional three-year period.

The fee for the PCC Online Recertification is $100.

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After registering for the online recertification, within two business days you will receive a link to your testing form.You will be able to submit the link for your video submission on this testing form. You will have 90 days to complete the testing form.

Your videos will be forwarded to a Master or Senior PCC Instructor who will evaluate and provide feedback on your test. Once you have fulfilled all requirements, Dragon Door will send you a certificate of attendance as well as your certification.

You will be able to use your certificate of attendance for applying for CEUs. You will have 2 hours awarded for your CEUs.

The Century Test must be completed within eight minutes in a single, un-edited video

Men's Century Test Requirements

  1. Full Squats: 40 Reps
  2. Full Push-Ups: 30 Reps
  3. Hanging Knee Raises: 20 Reps
  4. Full Pull-Ups: 10 Reps

Women's Century Test Requirements

  1. Full Squats: 40 Reps
  2. Kneeling Push-Ups: 30 Reps
  3. Hanging Knee Raises: 20 Reps
  4. Australian Pull-Ups: 10 Reps

Each requirement will be evaluated according the following standards.

Century Test Video General Requirements

The test video should show the full body; the testing instructor must be able to see the top and bottom of each movement, preferably from the side or from a 45 degree angle. Once the recording has started there must not be any editing or stopping of the recording.

Technique Criteria

  • The exercises must be performed in the order listed above. No exceptions.

  • Squats must be performed with a minimum depth of top of the thighs parallel to the floor and a full lock out at the top of each rep. Arms may be raised in front, crossed, or placed on top of the head. Heels must stay flat the entire time.

  • Push-up depth must reach a minimum of 90 degrees of flexion as measured along the outside of the elbow and a full lockout must be achieved at the top of every rep. A straight body position must be maintained throughout the entire range of motion. No sticking your butt into the air or leaving your hips down on the ground.

  • Hanging knee raises must be performed with the knees being raised above waist level and a full extension of the legs at the bottom of every rep. Swinging shall be kept to a minimum. Arms must remain straight the entire set.

  • Pull-ups may be performed with an overhand or underhand grip. The chin must clear the bar at the top of each rep and a full extension must be reached at the bottom. Kipping will not be allowed. (Australian pull-ups are to be performed with the bar at waist height and a straight body position must be maintained throughout.)

  • Rest may be taken in between exercise sets, but each exercise must be completed in a single set. You may pause briefly between reps as long as the position is held (i.e. top of push-up position, bottom of pull-up, etc.)

The entire test must be completed in 8 minutes or less. The reps may be performed at the pace of your choice, but form must absolutely come first.

Register now for RKC Re-Certification by video


After your successful registration, you will receive a link to your testing form within two business days. You will have 90 days to complete the testing form.

Submitting the Video:

When using YouTube, mark the video as "unlisted" and copy the link and fill it into the registration forms. If you have issues send the link to

Workshop Code: PCCRVS

Workshop reference: PCC Online Recertification 2020

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